Hain An 'alt+space' launcher | custom theme + giphy fix

An 'alt+space' launcher | custom theme + giphy fix

Hain is an excellent quick launcher for Windows, macOS, Linux and probably anything that can run nodejs.

You can download it and learn all about it from their site:


I like orange. Orange is awesome. I made an orange theme for Hain that you can use, if you wanna, you can leave your other themes behind. Cause if they ain't orange, well then, they are no theme of mine:


One of the many great  things about Hain, is its ability to use plugins. One of my favorite plugins is a search of GIFs from GiPHY. (I don't care what the dude that made GIFs said, GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT - graphics, not jeraphics. GIF, NOT JIF) Anywho, unfortunately the GiPHY plugin for Hain doesn't work out of the box anymore.

Luckily, it is a semi-easy fix. You'll need a nodejs enviornment installed more than likely to do this, but that is easy peasy. The issue is the GiPHY API key that comes with the plugin is ban towned, probably from tons of people like me using it.

First, treat yourself and go get a GiPHY API key (free):


Take that API key and navigate on over to funky town where the plugins are installed. For Windows it is %APPDATA%\Local\hain-user\plugins\hain-plugin-gif

Open up index.js and on line 13, or where it has const api_key, add your API key after &api_key=.

Next, open up a shell in the above path and do an `npm install'. You might not need to do this, on some systems you might just be able to restart Hain. I was not as fortunate.

Anyways, boom, /gif in Hain brings you a world of pure imagination.

They may ban our API keys, but they will never make me say JIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!